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Antietam Creek Canoe -  Lower Section Map, from Devil's Backbone To the Potomac
is pretty accurate as to features, shuttle routs and details. The scale is rather poetic. 

The last rapid , Furnace rapid, is a long class 1 which gets class2ish at medium water levels, with several turns and drops. It becomes increasingly difficult as the water level increases. This rapid at high water levels becomes dangerous for novice/recreational boaters because of strainers and the real possibility of a pin on the bridge at the bottom of the drop.

4th lower map.bmp (592738 bytes) This is a thumb. Click on it and it gets pretty big.

Our "Burnside Bridge" take-out at is on river left about 300 yds. Below the Bridge & About 75 Yards below The "Molly's Hole" drop. There is only room for about 2 cars here, plus a few more on the east side shoulder of BSB road [which is where we usually park our trailer for trip-end shuttles]. Down another 100 yards or so is another small parking area for about 5 cars if they don't park funny. There is a tiny stream flowing into Antietam over a blue stone culvert on river left. The bank is about 6ft high here, the road is right at creeks edge and the creek takes a distinct right turn in quickening current about 25yards down stream.******

******NOTA BENE : This is the last take out for 4 miles ...... If you look over your shoulder and don't see Burnside Bridge get to shore immediately. You've passed the BSB Molly's hole take outs! and it's hard to paddle back up stream.

Our Potomac takeout, because of congestion (and  past abuses ) at Harper's Ferry Rd., the Outfitters [private boaters should follow suite] are now picking up boaters at the C&O canal camp ground. Paddlers Continue down to the Potomac (about 800yds below H.F.rd Bridge) paddle under the aqueduct & up river 50-100 yards or so , take out on river left, which is your right as you paddle up stream.....[ & you thought paddling was so simple] and carry up the bank to the Canal Rd. gate or pick up turnaround.

Picture Page Site Map/Contents Reservation/Pay Cancellation/Pay Links Par Tout of little note Top Page 3

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