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These are links to folks we like and care about.

One of the many great things about our little Paddling world is the contact we have with exceptional people and through them exceptional places, circumstances and possibilities.

Here, have a share:

Contact Web Page and/or contact Information
Super Web Sites with lots of info and stuff of Interest local and afar
Atlantic Kayak Tours http://www.atlantickayaktours.com/index.html
Sea Kayak Georgia http://www.seakayakgeorgia.com/
Action White Water Adventures http://www.riverguide.com/
River Rats Tubing Outfit Nat'l www.RiverRatzOnline.com
Bob Foote's web site http://www.bobfoote.com.htm
kayak Carolina http://www.kayakcarolina.com/
Exkursion Outfitters, PA. http://www.exkursion.com/
Kent Ford at Performance Video http://www.performancevideo.com/
L3XICON - an information http://www.l3xicon.com/aca-instruction.html
Monocacy Canoe Club MCC http://www.monocacycanoe.org/
Canoe Cruisers CCA http://www.ccadc.org/cca/
Mason Dixon MDCC http://www.nfis.com/~hartland/index.htm
Greater Baltimore GBCC http://www.baltimorecanoeclub.org/
Coastal Canoeists http://www.coastals.org/
Blue Ridge Voyageurs http://www.blueridgevoyageurs.org/
Dave Mackintosh at Potomac River Paddler's Resource Dave, it seems, went away.
Weather Balt./Wash area http://www.nws.noaa.gov/om/marine/zone/east/
USGS water levels http://water.usgs.gov/realtime.html
ACA American Canoe Association http://www.acanet.org/acanet.htm
BCU British Canoe Union http://www.bcuna.com/
Moshannon Falls info. http://www.moshannonfalls.com/
AW American Whitewater http://www.americanwhitewater.org/
NC or Novus Composites http://www.nckayaks.com/kayaks.htm
Potomac Conservancy http://www.potomac.org/
River Keepers http://www.potomacriverkeeper.org/
West VA Rivers http://www.wvrivers.org/
Current Designs Kayaks http://www.cdkayak.com/
Wilderness Sys. Kayaks http://www.wildernesssystems.com/
Mohawk Canoes http://www.mohawkcanoes.com/
Spring River Annapolis http://www.springriverannapolis.com/
Potomac Paddle Sports http://www.Potomacpaddlesports.com
Coastal Kayak DEL/MD Beach facility http://www.c-kayak.com/
Tide Finder http://www.dnr.state.md.us/fisheries/access/tide_finder.html
Marine Waypoints, information  MarineWaypoints.com - Your guide to Boating, Diving, Fishing, Gear, Sailing, Weather and More!

Picture Page Site Map/Contents Reservation/Pay Cancellation/Pay Links Par Tout of little note Top Page 3

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