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Gauges and levels Page- Antietam Creek Canoe     Water level for Antietam Creek Today.      Water levels for the Potomac today [Little Falls]       

All Potomac Gauges - http://waterdata.usgs.gov/md/nwis/current/?type=flow

The gauge most often used for Antietam is the "Antietam Creek Sharpsburg Gauge". The gauge itself is located about 200 yards South of Burnside Bridge on river left. 

The Lower Section from Devil's Backbone to the Potomac, requires 2.6'- 2.5' minimum on the gauge; Upper Section, Funkstown to Devil's Backbone, requires 3.2' - 3.0' (less is ok but bring your sense of humor and don't bring your Kevlar Wenonah; you'll be in and out of your boat on occasion . More than 3.0 is better)

  • The creek side gauge at Burnside, a "yard stick" in the water in front of a concrete "out house" sort of structure, is really a super sophisticated group of equipment. A picture comes up when you link to the "Today's Water Level for Antietam Creek"
    • The V shaped dam and drop below the gauge, which forms "Molly's Hole", was constructed to provide a consistent water volume to operate the gauge.
    • The actual gauge and sensitive equipment is inside the "Outhouse". Water flows from the creek through below surface tubes to the equipment, where it is measured, digitized and transmitted via solar energy to satellite [some say phone line?] and from there to USCGS, NOAA, State Highway Adm., and you and me via the net...! tax dollars at their best use.

    • USGS Real-Time Water Data This is the NWS/ NOAA link for the Area Gauges that cover all the local water levels including Antietam Creek. Also see American Whitewater for links and information
    • To find a correlation between paddling levels and gauge levels you need to tune in to one of the local club web sites. JOIN A CLUB. It's cheap and gives a huge return.
    • MCC, Frederick based, has a great web site at:   Monocacy Canoe Club Homepage   MCC provides an important service to area paddlers by linking most paddle related resources and providing an open bulletin board with news, events, ideas and opinions. Other Clubs are:
    • MDCC - Mason Dixon Canoe Cruisers Hagerstown, Boonsboro (our area)
    • CCA - Canoe Cruisers Assn. (Washington Based) the largest and broadest based club.
    • BRV - Blue Ridge Voyagers (Northern VA based)
    • GBCC - Greater Baltimore Canoe Club

    More similar information, some redundant, is on the weather/Gauge page on this site.

    Seneca Creek Gauge [Dawsonville MD] http://waterdata.usgs.gov/nwis/uv?01645000

Picture Page Site Map/Contents Reservation/Pay Cancellation/Pay Links Par Tout of little note Top Page 3

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