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Antietam Creek Canoe Co. Creek Maps - The portion of Antietam Creek that we paddle is 22 miles long.  It runs from Funkstown (just south of Hagerstown on MD rt. alt 40)  to the Potomac (about half way between Shepherdstown and Harper's Ferry) The 22 mile run breaks into two natural sections:

  • The Upper Section. A single run, 10 miles, from Funkstown to Devil's Backbone. (Our livery is located at Devil's Backbone). See upper map. Paddle @ 3.2 or higher. Takes about 4 - 5 hours at a leisurely pace. Has 4 distinct class 2 rapids that are often laced with strainers and can be dangerous. Shuttle 15 min.            -watch for strainers ; go easy on the banks
  • The Lower Section. 12 miles from Devil's Backbone to the Potomac, (the actual take-out is @ C&O Canal Aqueduct area) See lower map. Paddle @ 2.5 or higher. Takes about 4 - 6 hours at a leisurely pace, includes lunch. Has many riffles a nice "play" spot, and 1 long class 2 rapid at the take-out which can be choked with strainers and downright dangerous at higher water levels. The lower section can be further broken into 2 natural trips:  watch for strainers; easy on the banks
    • The Burnside Bridge Run, from Devil's Backbone through Antietam Battlefield, to Burnside,  8 miles which is a nice length trip for folks not accustomed to the "rigors" of creeking. It usually takes about 4 hours with a lunch stop.
    • The Burnside to Potomac run. A nice quick one - two hour winter trip which includes  the class 2 rapid noted above. This 4 mile section is the most popular tubing float on Antietam.
    • Many paddlers do the whole 12 mile lower section as a single trip. 5 to 6 hours which is a pretty long trip for folks who don't paddle frequently.





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