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Antietam Creek Canoe Co., canoe livery and antique shop, detailed information About Antietam Creek [today's water level link] [or AW GAUGE & INFO]   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antietam_Creek Antietam is a gentle stretch of intimate cold water creek (browns and Rainbows!) steeped in significant history and blessed with Mother Nature's best foot forward. The scenery is beautiful, water clear, clean, cold and generally shallow. Fun to paddle, swim, fish and fiddle around.

Antietam is a class I - II creek which means that, at normal water levels, a boater needs some skill and boat control in moving water to avoid hazards. It should not be attempted by un-shepherded beginners. (Lots of rocks, twists, turns, bridges, strainers, riffles and rapids as well as flat water in the 22 miles of creek that we paddle.)

Antietam, largely ground water fed, holds it water well and is generally canoeable year round, drought conditions excepted. The creek drops at a rate of about 7 feet per mile and carries about 300cfs. At flood it can carry as much as 12,000cfs. The creek becomes progressively more dangerous as water levels rise and can be lethal when the water is in the trees along the lowest of it's banks.

"Antietam Creek at Burnside Bridge Gauge[sometimes referred to as "the Sharpsburg gauge"] another gauge for the same creek AW GAUGE - Lower section, Antietam Creek is a Class  1ish rec-boat run from 2.5 up to about 3.5. AT which point it takes on a class 2 look. At 5 to 6 feet [about 1800 - 2800 CFS] Low bank trees are in the water; the creek picks up speed, and unavoidable parts of it become  honest WW outfitted boat runs for intermediate paddlers; drops and bends are more pushy and there is a real danger of strainers that are difficult to avoid  [strainers are on the creek at all levels] The creek is out of it's banks in low areas at 5-8 feet; is in flood and probably should be avoided by most.
Go here for more information on the Antietam Creek gauge and what it means"

With the exception of Antietam Battlefield, Devil's Backbone Park and the C & O Canal Park Area. The Banks of Antietam Creek are PRIVATE PROPERTY. It is important, when we use the Creek, to keep in mind that we are in someone else's yard without permission. We must understand that we are little different than a stranger taking a shortcut across our own front lawns, and act accordingly.

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