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Antietam Creek Canoe rents canoes, tubes and kayaks right on the banks of Antietam Creek. You simply arrive, put in and off you go; no shuttles to the put-in. Your car is 30ft from the creek. Call in advance to reserve a spot. 1.301.302.7534 or cell phone 1.240.447.0444 - Or better, send an  email paddle@antietamcreek.com  for Directions and address just click right here [bus should be legal and running by April sometime.... not sure of the year]  Walk-ins require a photo ID and security deposit

  • ABOUT Reservations & Deposits: click for reservations page
    Long Notice Reservations [2 weeks or more] require a 50% deposit. Short notice Reservations [less than 2 weeks]  and reservations that require special preparation may require full payment in advance. When the deposit or full payment is received the reservation is put on our task list. Without a deposit we may or may not be at the Antietam Creek Site, as we teach and lead trips in the Seneca Creek and other areas on the Potomac when Antietam has no confirmed reservations.  Our PayPal arrangement is pretty painless and cost free. Checks are fine as well. refund policy is here. also fair and painless.


    Antietam Creek Rentals/Trips, week ends, not guided -  $40 - 8 mile lower ;   $40 - 12 mile  per person for 2014..., includes gear , necessary co-op shuttles, map, brief instruction/orientation as requested . Generally 2 to a canoe. A third person, small child [$10 charge] in a canoe , when safe, is allowed but not encouraged. All rentals Require a SERIOUS waiver.  Guided trips add $150-$200 per guide to the group's rental cost. [scouts, church group, and member guide fees are included in the price of the trip quoted for each group in advance]
  • Solo Canoe and Solo Kayak Rentals, weekends, not guided $40 - per paddler. Includes gear, shuttle, map, instruction/orientation as above.
  • Guided Trip Safety, Historic and/or Instructional  [4 - 6 hours] with an ACA Certified Instructor, Senior Guide current CPR, WFA - $80 per person.  [as above,  BSA, GSA, Schools, group trips are quoted in advance]
  • River Program for  new [or non] boaters who want to paddle Historic Antietam Creek: 1 hour flat water instruction; plus 1 hour moving water instruction  below the bridge; Plus a 4+ hour guided instructional trip from Devils Backbone to Burnside Bridge. Shuttle and all equipment included. $80 per paddler. [if after the instruction it appears that the Trip should not be attempted we can adjust the day with continued instruction and flat water paddling or terminate the effort with a refund of $40 per paddler ]
  • Flat water canoeing and kayaking above the Devil's Backbone dam and play boating or tubing next to the mill. $25 maximum. [note that this is not always available or possible because of commitments to guide creek trips, shuttles etc.]

  • Off site canoe / kayak rentals - we bring boats to your site [even a backyard pool] for instruction, guided trip, Evening pre "dinner party", picnic etc. $40-$80 per person . Each transaction is quoted separately, based on time, distance, # of participants, Instructors, etc. [generally $400 Minimum]

  • With rare exceptions, We do not rent unguided boats off of Antietam Creek.
  • Regular co-op shuttles are included in the rental fees.
    • A.If you bring your own boat and are not with a rental group, shuttle fees are $25 - $30  .   B. For private boats that are part of a rental group shuttle fees are $5 per person, C. Private boaters as members of a guided trip $20 per seat/person charge [so that the guide fee is spread to all participants]. The way we work $25 and $30 shuttles. Your group [or individual]  arrives; drops gear follow our truck to the take out; park vehicle; ride back to the put-in in our truck. Cost is $25 or $30 for the Group Trip.... NOT PER CAR....We  can generally fit 4 [or five extremely friendly drivers] in our shuttle truck.
      NOTE: We are now living in the Boonsboro area and can make short notice shuttles
        more consistent. [Unless of course we�re at Strathmore for afternoon tea].

  • Guide Fee for groups, add $150-$200 per creek trip for each ACA certified guide. Guide fees are included in quotes for School, Scout and similar trips [They are discussed and requirements set prior to the trip]; as well as included in Historic and Instructional trips.
  • Tube rentals: NEW for 2014 We plan to work tubing into our rentals with no limit as to numbers. A 2 hour trip from Rt 34 to Molly's hole, and a 3+ hour BATTLEFIELD TRIP from Keedysville Bridge [upper bridge to Burnside Bridge [lower bridge]. and Long creek trip 4+ hours  from Molly's hole to the Potomac. Put in time generally 11 and 12 noon.   
    • Unsupported unguided Trips $25 per Person. Supported/guided trips are designed and quoted just for your group. Life jackets must be worn at all times on the water.

    Note: We teach for and co-ordinate with CKAPCO, Canoe Kayak and Paddle Co. [Wash. D.C. area] for most instruction off of Antietam Creek. Venues include MD: Antietam Creek, Potomac, Local, Seneca Creek, Violette's Lock, Reilly's Lock, and Annapolis. VA: Reston Lake Audubon, Lake Fairfax, Algonkian Park, Masons Neck, Pohick Bay, Occoquan Creek. [We also travel to afar locations, camps, schools, institutions incl. Md., DE., Va. NC, GA, FL, WV, PA, Texas]


Canoe equipment includes a WAIVER, weather report, river report, map,  painter, paddles and lifejackets. (note for small children, bring your own life jackets or let me know well in advance so I can have appropriate jackets available. We have a limited # of 50#-90# jackets on hand as well as plenty of duct tape to make a perfect fit)

  • Boat repairs, custom outfitting $40 per working hour hr. plus direct expenses. Exact Quotes on request. I'm really slow getting boats repaired.


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